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Anonymous asked: Wanted to start off by saying you are mesmerizing! Truly a stunning woman with a body that makes my jaw drop everytime. Was curious if you'd be doing any sets or videos where you get stuck in doorways and such or if you're planning on any videos with a skinny girl to truly show how gorgeously big you are (loved seeing how you were so much bigger compared to your tattoo artist)?

Thank you!

I’ll being doing some stuck themes later on. As for sets with a skinny girl… I’d have to find one willing to model with me :)

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Anonymous asked: Do you do lift and carry?

I guess I could. I don’t know all the specifics behind it but yeah?

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Anonymous asked: Hey Jae! Can we have a preview of whats to come? Is the weigh-in going to take much longer? All the best to you and your family!


I am really really excited for it to come out as well. It is finished, just have to wait for it to pop up… everything is on a schedule :) 


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Dear Anon that keeps asking me about BBC,

I knew the first time you didn’t actually mean the channel… I was trying to be cute. Also, you aren’t going to get a real answer if you keep harassing me.

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Anonymous asked: You look like you have German/Scottish ancestry. Is that close? You are also incredibly beautiful! How can you be so big and yet so healthy looking at the same time!

There is supposedly German on my father’s side, but I don’t know much about him. I’m just an American mutt I suppose :) 

And thank you!

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Anonymous asked: ill just ask it one more time! Is there any chance to get a custom clip i wanted? ill pay for it, and ill email you but i forgot youre email beauty <3 i really wanna buy some clips from youre clips4sale store but i already have every clip i need a new 'FEW NEW clips :) u are the sexiest bbw/ssbbw alive :)

bbwjaeclips@gmail.com is my custom clip e-mail :) 

I am kind of backlogged right now, but I will get to it asap.

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